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Relationship harmony is essential to your wellbeing, and this moon suggests your health is supported by daily habits that connect you to oneness. Make it a priority to connect your gaze in a heart-felt way with someone else at work, and let them know how much you appreciate them and what they bring to your work life.

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Mercury, the planet of communication, and your ruling planet Venus both move into your sign on Saturday as forerunners to your upcoming birthday season. Scorpio, you can be very serious and like to face up to harder truths that others tend to avoid. With expansive, and possibly expensive Jupiter in a challenging aspect, watch for a blow out to your resources.

All might not be what it seems under rose-colored moonbeams. Enjoy the good vibes while checking facts and details. Begin taking time out to contemplate and plan your next phase.

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Set the mood and create a ritual to claim your home or your room as a sacred space with candles and palo santo, then take time out to tap in. This will help clarify your grand plans and muster the energy you need to bring your current vision into reality. Enjoy synchronicity as you run into the right person at the right time who has a message for you. Taking five minutes out of your day every few hours will calm your nervous system and diffuse pressure you tend to build up by overworking.

Expect to stay busy as Venus and Mars create extra buzz in one of your favorite spheres, career.

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Venus lends extra charm, so make the most of her stay by negotiating for any changes at work this week Think: salary, job description, or work-from-home days. Experimentation is often the key for you so feel out what works and be prepared. This is a powerful combo. Belief is half the battle. Balance your ability to tune into your intuition and adapt seamlessly to new situations, including the practicalities of partnership.

Explore new podcasts or even a series that encourages a wider perspective on how others live and what they believe. Ask for recommendations or even post a shout out on social media for suggestions from the hive-mind. You'll be feeling more philosophical than usual, combined with the compassion and empathy of Pisces, perhaps experiment with some meal planning or eating out that takes you into the vibe of a new culture.

It's all about gaining a higher perspective on your own life by contrast as well as seeing your part in the whole. Rock your lunar ring of confidence this week Leo, as the full moon lights up your zone of sex and contributions from others. Or are your extracurricular pastimes putting pressure on both your wallet and your connection to others?

DAILY HOROSCOPE: September 3, 12222

Make sure you allow growth yet attend to the balance. Full moonbeams light up your partnership zone as you feel the urge to merge with a kindred spirit. The brightest peak in the lunar cycle generally reveals the reality of a situation, although this month the tint is decidedly rose pink. This could mean super romantic and bonding vibes—plan for a special date night over the weekend.

Kutob daily horoscope

The ghosts of loves past visit as this week's moon is in your opposite sign of nostalgic Pisces. On Wednesday, April 10 , Jupiter starts its retrograde, giving you a few months of space to reflect on how you handle your finances. After bringing old friends and hookups back into your life last month, Mercury retrograde still has to go back over the path it just crossed during its retrograde phase. Manolitis Liristakis, 33, is a former superintendent at Lansdowne who still lives in the building. He's desperate to leave the building, but like so many others, he can't afford to.

Liristakis looks out the window of his 18th-floor apartment. The apartment is a mess. He sleeps on a blanket on the floor. He has no furniture. The doors are falling from their hinges and the walls are pocked with fist-sized holes. The former boxer explains he's been taking out his frustrations since breaking up with his girlfriend, Valerie. She left him after she discovered she was pregnant. They fought, and he was arrested.

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He spent the weekend in jail, and sheepishly admits that the dirty orange T-shirt he's wearing is the same one he was given in prison. He is forced to shuffle in his high-top sneakers because he hasn't replaced the shoelaces that were removed when he was locked up.

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Liristakis weighed pounds when he moved to Lansdowne. Now he's a frail He says he doesn't use drugs, and blames stress for his weight loss.

yoku-nemureru.com/wp-content/how-to/681-phone-number.php He has even devised a secret knock for family members so he can be sure it's safe to open his door. He lost his job as superintendent after being accused of using purchased building supplies to repair his own unit. After his arrest, he says, his former girlfriend took all his possessions, leaving him with a soccer ball and a few books -- a mix of religious tracts and Elmore Leonard crime novels.

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He says he can do without worldly goods, but lifts his shirt to display his five tattoos, in which a heart wrapped in barbed-wire is a recurring theme. Aleda Halley, a Guyanese-born grandmother, remembers when the building was new and full of promise. She moved to a small two-bedroom apartment on the 15th floor in , and raised five children. When people was stepping out, they were stepping out in heels. Halley doesn't like the instability in the building, and the constant changes to building management.

Many tenants give up on submitting work orders because most superintendents last only a few months, she says. The pattern of management turnover continues. Barely two weeks after speaking to The Globe and Mail, Mr. Ahmed, the superintendent, was out of a job. Roslyn Brown, a vice-president of the numbered company that controls the building, said he didn't meet expectations.

The building is owned by Vincenzo Barrasso, who is in Italy and couldn't be reached for comment. He also owns several other properties that are closely scrutinized by the city. He bought Lansdowne Ave. The building fell into disrepair, as close to one in three units were left vacant and squatters moved into many of them. The City of Toronto has been pursuing Mr. But things seem to have improved recently. Bill Blakes, director of investigations for the municipal licensing and standards branch, said more than a dozen complaints at the building remain unresolved and are being pursued in the courts.

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Still, complaints were way down in December. Blakes said. Brown said hundreds of thousands of dollars have been invested in the building in the past year. The underground garage has been redone at a huge cost, fire alarms have been upgraded and building common areas renovated. Security guards have also been hired to monitor the building at night.