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Not very eager to enter marriage.

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They will be most successful in a profession that requires slow, careful and prudent work, like building, agriculture, etc. What threatens them? Dangers caused by their own friends and failures in life.

Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of December

Their protectors are less than solid, and the final results of their work and effort can be minimal. Their organism is quite strong, with their vitality growing stronger with age, just like their health. Illnesses are usually caused by their melancholic tendencies and depression that often overcomes them.

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They should try to fight off their melancholic tendencies and disperse the depression they fall victim to by all means, as it seriously affects both their life and career. How to raise a child born on this day?

They are very sensitive and easily influenced by the environment. So they should be guarded from the company of harsh and vulgar people, as they can easily adapt such models of behavior. They have a tendency for arrogance, which should be pointed out while also teaching them self-control and modesty β€” starting at a very young age. Go to the next page and see most famous December 24 Birthdays.


Leo Monthly Horoscope

Recognize that this area is TBD instead of fooling yourself about the logistics. Your mind is also on the circle of people in your life, and you might notice how your values differ from those of a certain group or friend. Money and material goods will get your squad into murky waters now, and someone may feel swindled or inferior if you wade in. When Venus syncs with Pluto, you could make a favorable impression on an authority figure or on a big stage, thanks to a secret weapon. Is there a part of you that you used to see as a negative but are coming to understand better? It can work to your advantage when you tap into it.

Not to mention, shining in public or in your profession will empower you.


You might also get tongue-tied trying to articulate your goals or talk to higher-ups. If you can keep your feet on the ground and your head in the sky, you may get fresh inspiration out of this. Venus in your expansion corner is harmonizing with Pluto in your group zone, which could spell an opportunity to share a positive, novel experience with others.

Drawn to someone new? And a powerful feeling of friendship can strengthen this bond! Impulsive spending and disputes over money and possessions could become problems for you. You might have trouble staying in the moment or find your enthusiasm waning when Mercury in your perspective zone squares off with Neptune in your subliminal corner this week. You might need some alone time to drift and daydream. But if you stayed tuned into the world, one major benefit is your ability to see injustice and to feel immense compassion for those who are less fortunate than you.

With Mercury tucked away in your hidden-matters house and needling hazy Neptune in your network zone this week, secrets and mistrust may cause problems. Or you might confide something private to friends and feel misunderstood.

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With Venus dancing through your interpersonal angle and making music with Pluto in your exploration corner, sharing an experience like a romantic getaway, learning opportunity or social activism with another individual can deepen your connection. You might also form a powerful bond with someone new who comes from a different world from you. Relationships are your classroom now, and you can learn something profound.

After Mars sneaks into the last house of your chart for a six-week retreat, your best strategy is to work on your own behind the scenes without aiming for credit or praise. What reasons might you have for acting like your own worst enemy at times? Charitable endeavors should go well between now and mid-February, so consider starting doing for others! Working to improve a relationship or doing a sweet favor for someone will pay off in the form of closeness. It really is the little things that matter now. As Mars moves into your network zone and sets up shop there for the next month and a half, collaborations become ever more fruitful.

Identify people who share your passions, goals and ideals, then join forces to multiply your odds of success.

Daily horoscope for Monday, December 24, 2018

Being too preoccupied with minutiae can indeed cause you to lose sight of the big picture. But with Venus and Pluto syncing up, relating gets back on track, and you might enjoy a powerful attraction to someone new or grow closer to someone you already know. One-on-one time with a friend will also feel not just fun but enriching. Regardless of the type of relationship, emotions are bound to be strong in a good way under this influence.

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Try to take the focus off of feedback and avoid interpreting things too literally. But do notice and appreciate any empathy and kindness directed your way. This planetary blend can also lure you to view a personβ€”or the nature of your connection with them β€” through rose-colored glasses, so postpone important relationship talks for a later date. A Venus-Pluto collab will increase your sense of wellbeing, especially if you indulge in self-care in the comfort of your home, get to work beautifying your space or do something to help a family member.

Seek out experiences that require courage and fuel personal growth. You might travel abroad, become active in a cause or take up an exhilarating sport.